• Site surveys, generating floor plans.
  • Key design-built projects.
  • Special attention, design and study on matters such as early detection, sensitive environments, land marks.

Our Engineering Department provides technical, engineering, surveying, and hands-on support to our customers and the rest of the Cross-Fire team.

Projects range from a new fire alarm system to upgrading an existing system to adhere to the NYC code. The team collaborates with coworkers to ensure the success of a project. Effective communication plays a role between our CAD department, engineers, customers, and businesses. Other engineer responsibilities include:

  • Following contract drawings, and giving input if needed on new voice or non-voice systems.
  • Designing and surveying existing buildings for upgrading to an NYC code-compliant job.
  • Staying up to date on all NYC code changes and updates.
  • Submitting drawings, calculations, documentation, and taking all the steps required to get the job filed and approved by DOB and FDNY.

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